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With three children, their spouses and ten grandchildren, we have a crowd to love. All of them are very active in both school and non school activities. We will try to highlight the activities soon after they occur.

One thing "Papa" has done is to give each of the grandchildren nick names. Of coarse with nicknames comes some sort of iconic image. The images are unique and cute. You might even see other images of us. You can take a guess who is who by going to our Blessings Page.

Blessings to you,
Sue and Len Patterson

Rebekah ... began driving this summer. She started her senior year in high school and will be attending Central Michigan this fall. Just like Papa, grandpa Kern, Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Connie, Uncle Rick, cousin Tim, etc.

Michael ... just began driving and is a junior in high school. At 15 years of age, Michael made Eagle Scout,. His attention now has turned to swimming with the Blue Water Swim Club hoping to set some records in his senior year.

Noah ... is a swimmer. He has every intention to make Eagle Scout, and break any record older brother Mike might set.

Joanna ... is another little fish in the family. She too swims for the BWSC. It is amazing someone so small can swim so many lengths of the pool.

Grant ... is the gentleman in his school, adored by all of the young ladies. He can name you hundreds of famous persons, their talents, which paintings were painted by whom. Jaw dropping!

Jacob ... can show you just about where any country is located on the globe. Give him a choice he can pick out landmarks, flags, capitals. Being only 8 years old... how?

Abigail ... is the senior at 6 years old. She refers to her two older brothers as "HER" boys. She is enjoying her first year in school.

Jordyn ... set a goal in preschool to be an ace soccer player. Who knew? She and little sister just got her ears pierced. OUCH!

Taylor ... is going to pre-school and enjoys doing everything big sister does. She volunteered to be first to get her ears pierced. She just experienced for the first time, roller skating with the family.

Joshua ... is the youngest, but has two older sisters to take care of. He just got his first "boy" hair cut and was very patient the whole time.

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